On Saturday, January 12, 2019, the classroom in the Materials Measurement and Evaluation Laboratory Building of the Quality Control Department at Barqa General Contracting and Real Estate Investment received several engineers who are targeted to raise their efficiency in the field of quality control and safety as part of a training course in the area of (Quality and Occupational Safety System in Construction Projects).
This comes within the framework of the general program launched by the company’s management in all the approved specializations and departments in the company to raise the efficiency of workers within the available annual plan for the year 2019, which is personally supervised and followed up on all its details, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Manager, Eng. Ahmed Selim.
In order to activate this plan, the company’s Quality Department has launched a training course targeting the newly engaged engineers to work in the company, aiming to raise the engineering efficiency, deepen the concept of quality and safety for them, and raise their capacity within a comprehensive framework of calibration and quality control, each according to his job and his assigned tasks.
The time container for the course is 12 theoretical hours divided into two weeks, taking into account the work periods of the engineers in a way that does not affect their daily tasks. This course is also directly supervised by Eng. Adel Abdel Rahman, Director of Quality Management in the company, while its general program includes:

  • Efficiency of employees and training programs – research and development

  • International Quality Standards – Requirements

  • Methods of applying quality standards – qualifying institutions, companies and individuals

  • Quality systems control

  • Occupational safety in light of international standards

  • Safety monitoring

  • Quality safety equipment

  • Safety culture in the community