Advertisement for the recruitment of a security and loss prevention expert Ad.013.2020

Job Requirements:

  • Certificate in the field
  • Experience of not less than 10 years

Functional tasks :

  • Plan, organize, manage and coordinate loss prevention and control programs to identify and analyze potential exposure to loss.
  • Develops related goals and other program performance expectations.
  • Develop, implement and monitor action plans relevant to achieving goals and performance measures.
  • Analyze risks qualitatively to determine the impact of each wager on objectives. (time, cost, quality, reputation, safety, scope, etc.)
  • Track significant risks to ensure they are identified, recorded, assessed, actively managed, reassessed regularly and communicated across the programme.
  • Build awareness of risks among employees by providing support and training within the company.
  • Review any significant new contracts or internal business proposals.

required skills :

  • Proficiency in writing reports
  • Familiarity with all quality standards and methods of classifying and storing all materials
  • Attention to the minor details
  • Problem-solving skills

Whoever finds himself competent and meets the job requirements, access the following link:

The advertisement and job code appear in the CV document, which must be in “PDF” format.

A response will be given within 30 days from the date of publishing the advertisement. Whoever did not receive any response during this period with an apology from him, means that he will not be accepted with the utmost respect.